Do you know how to combine products?

Do you know how to combine products?

Improper combination of even healthy products may not only lower their positive effects, but also make us put on weight. How to combine food products to derive measurable benefits? Read the post below.

Healthy matching

  • Meat with spicy seasoning and onion

Such a combination is beneficial to the heart, prevents the occurrence of clots in blood vessels.

  • Olive oil and vegetables

Olive oil is an element, which should be added to each vegetable salad, especially containing yellow, orange and red vegetables. The reason is simple. Fatty acids contained in olive oil help our organism to better assimilate the elements contained in the salad.

Iron is a very poorly assimilated element. To improve its absorption, products with vitamin C should be included. It is easiest to moisten the meals we eat with lemon juice.

For calcium absorption, vitamin D is essential. Therefore, it is extremely important to include salmon, herring or mackerel in a diet.

  • Beans with rice for strong muscles

Combining beans and rice is very healthy. A boost of proteins provides muscle system with strength.

  • Cakes with cinnamon

A pinch of cinnamon in sweets has a beneficial influence on the organism. It ensures proper level of glucose in blood.

We should remember that such good combinations is half of the success in the fight for good energy and health. Constant fight of the organism with food mixtures difficult to digest and toxic products of their breakdown lead to the decrease of immunity and lowering life energy.