Liquid anti-swelling diet

Liquid anti-swelling diet

When during hot days you feel like a balloon, it means that the excess of water is stored in your organism. How to change it? Special diet and following some important rules will be enough.

Thanks to this diet, which we highly recommend, you can facilitate the work of the circulatory system. You will accelerate fat burning and cleanse the organism. Specialists recommend anti-swelling diet only to healthy people and not for longer than 3 days if it is applied during heats.

Principles of the diet

  • Recommended meals

You should introduce only liquid meals, i.e. cocktails, juices, soups. Before noon – with fruits and after midday – with vegetables. Remember about natural, drinkable yogurts – they are ideal for cold soups.

  • Recommended drinks

Additionally, you should drink at least 2-2,5 l of liquids in the form of still mineral water and herbal teas without sugar.

  • Forbidden products

Coffee, alcohol, spicy seasoning, processed food with monosodium glutamate should not be used, as they cause swelling.

Why does the liquid diet work?

It works because it satisfies hunger and thirst. When we drink too little, the organism stores water in the subcutaneous tissue in order to avoid dehydration. Liquid meals and large amounts of water drunk between them counteracts swelling, as the organism feels no need to store water. Liquid food quickly fills the stomach and lowers the feeling of hunger. We eat less, assimilate fewer calories and thanks to this we lose weight.

Juices, which eliminate the excess of water and provide valuable ingredients:

  • grapefruit juice

Is rich in folic acid and fiber

  • currant juice

Is a repository of vitamins. It facilitates venous circulation.

  • blueberry juice

Strengthens capillaries.

It is a diet for beauty and health which apart from lightness, provides energy.