Apple – pure health!

Apple – pure health!

Apples contain a lot of valuable mineral ingredients. These are fruits healthy from its skin to core. It is worth eating apples at least two times a day.

Apple skin contains calcium and silicon, which improve the appearance of hair and nails. Vitamin C, i.e. ascorbic acid, contained in this heavenly fruit protects from infections and strengthens the organism. Vitamin C in the highest amount is stored under apple skin, therefore it is recommended to eat this fruit unpeeled. Apart from this, heat processing destroys this valuable vitamin.


Fiber contained in apples ensures the feeling of satiation. It also prevents excessive appetite for fat and carbohydrates. Fiber is also an ally and good support in weight loss.


Pectins, in turn, contained in these fruits improve intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipations.

Heavy metals

Apples are very important in our diet, as they bind certain heavy metals, e.g. cobalt and lead in insoluble salts. These fruits are also especially recommended to people prone to metal poisonings: smokers, residents of big cities, people working in large industrial centers.

Blood pressure

Apples lower blood pressure. They also regulate carbohydrate metabolism, lower insulin secretion and allow to stabilize sugar level in blood. They also decrease cholesterol level.

Bacteria, cancers

The fruits have bacteriostatic effect, thanks to which they prevent the development of many diseases, caused by bacteria. They also demonstrate anticancer effect, thanks to the presence of chlorogenic and caffeic acids.

Studies carried out by Polish researchers proved that drinking 700 ml of cloudy apple juice increases antioxidant potential of the organism by 52%. Therefore, apples should be obligatorily added to our diets.